What is Hematite Jewellery?

Red and Black Hematite BraceletHematite is an iron ore that is a dark grey colour and a little shiny looking. It is a pretty, common stone which is why hematite beads are often used in jewellery.

Magnetised Hematite Jewellery is said to alleviate back pain, joint pain, chronic pain, muscle pain and arthritis. Many claims have been made about the healing properties of Hematite and making it into jewellery is one way of keeping this remarkable stone close to you to aid in any healing that may be derived from it.

Hematite stone is primarily found in the United States, Brazil, Venezuela, and Canada. The name hematite comes from “hema” in Greek, meaning “blood” and although shiny and black on the outside, if you see particles from this stone when cut, they are a dark red colour.Hematite and Crystal Bracelet

Another reason for it’s name might be related to the high iron content found in hematite (almost 70%), which made hematite a popular healing stone for blood-related disorders.

Hematite has long been used as an aid to healing and has a wide variety of healing properties ascribed to it, including relief from leg cramps and alleviating fevers.

The best way to find out the powers of hematite is to buy a stone and experiment yourself.

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