Aromatherapy Jewellery Chain Bracelet - Angel Wings - 20mm

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Aromatherapy Jewellery Chain Bracelet - Angel Wings - 20mm



These  aromatherapy diffuser chain bracelets enable you to wear your favourite essential oil  wherever you go, whether you use a relaxing calming fragrance or an uplifting energising one. 

Or wear simply because they are beautiful pieces of jewellery that you can change to background colour to be be colour co-ordinated with your daily outfit.

Each locket contains a tiny piece of pad which holds a few drops of oil that slowly diffuses through the ventilation holes on the front. The scent of your oil can last for several days, but you can always top up more oil to the pad after the oil has completely diffused.

This range of Lockets are made of stainless steel to ensure the oils do not tarnish or breakdown the metal over time.

Each bracelet comes with 10 assorted colour pads 

The back of the locket is solid and there are a range of beautiful laser cut designs to choose from.

The lockets can be opened via a tiny slit on the right which is held together with a strong magnetic closure.

Possibly one of the most thoughtful Gifts you can give or receive.