Cone Burner with Handle

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Cone Burner with Handle



These Brass cone burner are wonderful for use with charcoal, cone or dhoop incense. It is fashioned of polished brass with a wooden handle in the middle-eastern style. It has holes in the lid to let the smoke rise up even with the lid closed.

Let the aroma flow gently with these traditional brass burners. From the ancient brass city of Moradabad, India where these items have been made and used for generations. 

They make an eye catching and exotic display in your home, plus by adding an incense cone, fragrance your home beautifully

100% solid brass and beautifully made 

Dimensions:height: 10.5cm, Base: 5cm, depth:2.5cm

Imported directly from an artisan family producer in Moradabad, so you can be sure these incense burners are authentic and competitively priced.

WARNING: Incense burners become hot when in use, so place on a flat, stable, heat-resistant surface and keep away from children.