Back Flow Incense Cones - Sandalwood (approx 225 pcs) 500g

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Back Flow Incense Cones - Sandalwood (approx 225 pcs) 500g

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These long burning Backflow Incense Cones are made in India and are available in nice exotic fragrances. When they are burned, the smoke flows down the incense tower like a waterfall, creating an unusual and beautiful effect. These cones are only to use with Back Flow Incense Burners.

Light the cone and it will begin to make smoke that is heavier than air and so it will fall dramatically in swirls and twists, down through the hole at the base to create a mesmerising effect and fill the room with a delicate fragrance.

Approx. 225 pieces pack.  

Size of the single cone: height 3cm, diameter 1cm, weight 2g.